BitSonar Review 2019 – Bitsonar Investment Fund with Quantum Architecture

August 28, 2019
Investment Fund EchoFund

Bitsonar began operations in 2016 as a private investment fund. When the capital in managing the fund exceeded $ 5 million USD, the project opened an investment round to enter public markets.

The company’s team created a unique algorithm that uses improved risk-free strategies. A new forecasting method has been developed. Created self-learning neural network precisely determines the direction of the market and increases the profitability of the fund. The fund adds marginal algorithmic trading in the “Non Stop” mode – the direction and volume of the funds used are determined automatically and constantly changing depending on the market movement.

BitSonar Company

  • Cutting edge algorithms
  • Ease of use
  • Comfortable conditions
  • Security

If you don’t want to spend hours checking rates, choose your plan and Bitsonar team will do all the work for you.


How Bitsonar Works?


  1. Register and choose a suitable investment plan
  2. Pursue your primary goals while receiving everyday financial reports.
  3. Withdraw profits or reinvest them for exponential capital accumulation.


  1. Immediately adds funds to common trading pool.
  2. Neural network coupled with quantum algorithms analyse global trends and make profitable trades every time there’s divergence in rates.
  3. Systematically pays out profits through any convenient payment system.

You can get up to 3 investment plans at once

Bitsonar announced the withdrawal of the public markets investment fund Quantum EchoFund. This was reported in the press release of the project.

“In two years, we have brought technology to perfection and are ready to serve the new customer pool, ” comments Marius Ziubka, CEO.

Bitsonar uses pair trading, arbitrage, and futures strategies

Strategic agreements with market leaders: Ensuring minimum margins and transaction costs.

For first investors, Bitsonar offers a 50% discount on the cost of investment packages. In addition, the project provides users with three-day free access to the trading bot. For your convenience, they are prepared a video instruction on how to use the personal dashboard.

What is a TradingBot and why do I need it?

Investment Fund EchoFund

TradingBot is a unique opportunity to try the quantum algorithms at work. For 3 days you will have an access to a personal trading bot, which will conduct deep market analysis 24 hours a day and invest your funds respectively to obtain maximum returns. After three days, you will be able to access the effectiveness of their algorithms. The bot is absolutely free, you only need to deposit funds in the amount of $50, which will be used for trading. After 3 days, you will be able to withdraw them again.

EchoFund” is an automated investment fund. It’s algorithms use higher mathematics and predictive analytics to predict the direction of the cryptocurrency market.

The fund analyzes the data of large cryptocurrency exchanges: quotes, assets volume, and trading duration. In addition, when making transactions, the number of search queries and the frequency of cryptocurrency references on Twitter and Reddit are taken into account.

The team keeps on working on making your personal dashboard even more convenient. We will add new features that will make investing even easier. Follow our news to be the first to know!

BitSonar Algorithm

BitSonar announced the appointment of the well-known blockchain expert Pavel Lerner as the leading advisor of the Algorithmic trading department.

Together with Pavel Lerner, a team of traders, risk managers and mathematical analysis specialists joined the vompany. The Expert Advisor will supervise the work of the team that provides trading of ScanBot algorithmic bot on crypto exchanges using artificial intelligence and neural networks.

Based on 2017-2018 performance, their AI trading strategies achieved annual returns over 120%.